Android App Development

Class Duration

13 Weeks

Course Length

2.00 Hours

Age Group

12-18 Years Old

Mobile devices have become a primary source of entertainment, gaming, and social interaction, but have every wondered who created the application we have grown to love on these devices. Well, this course was designed to introduce your child to the development process of Android mobile applications. Using their own computer and android device, they will receive all the necessary knowledge to design their very own app.

Students will be taught control statements, loops, data types, and other computer science general topics using Java programming languages in compliance or above the Texas state curriculum of computer science. They will apply these techniques to build apps that have the ability to compete with apps that currently exist. Learning to navigate and develop within the development program Android Studio.

  1. Students will be prepared to build their own Android mobile app
  2. In Depth understanding of MVC Design Pattern and the development life-cycle of a mobile app.
  3. Prepared for Advanced Java And College level Classes.

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