Who we are?


DTech Academy is home of dedicated individuals that take time to build up the next generation of computer scientist. Using years of computer science theory and applicable knowledge to create an unique computer science learning experience incorporating different techniques under the massive umbrella of technology theory. My mission of creating curriculum for computer science began half a decade ago when I was serving as a Mobile Application Development Chair at a secondary higher learning institution. Through this experience, I found that I wanted to create a distinguished program that fosters the T.L.C a student needs to actually prosper in the computer science industry. Through years of teaching, schooling, and research I found an algorithm of teaching that works in this high demand industry.
In the recent days, industry leaders have speculated that there will be an asstounding two times as many jobs as their are qualified people to fill them by year 2020. Well I say, Let’s change that one day at a time together by learning a skill that will never go out of fashion. DTech Academy is here for you.

Mark D. Dumes